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Financial accounting

The Superdelivery Financial Module is a simple, clear and convenient system designed specifically for accounting for money in the delivery service.

The main advantage is that we have linked income for orders, interaction with the courier and other operations in a single system.

Courier interaction

Each courier has an account automatically created in the financial system. Issuing money for change or collection of proceeds from the courier is a matter of seconds – we have made a special interface for this procedure. All cash movements are recorded and corresponding transactions are created.

When the order status is “Delivered” money for the order is automatically credited to an account:

  • If the order was delivered by courier – the money is credited to the personal account of the courier
  • If picked up by courier – money is credited to the account of the shop.
  • If non-cash payment is made, the money is credited to a separate “Non-cash account”.

Calculate the money the way it is convenient for you

First of all, we focused on the realities of small businesses. You can create any number of invoices for convenient record keeping.

Let’s say you have multiple partners and periodically you credit your company. Create accounts for each founder and fix all investments, this will simplify mutual settlements among themselves and give a clear picture of the current financial situation.

All transactions are committed, and the account status is recorded after each transaction, which allows you to easily restore the progress of events at any time.