Все заказы, все клиенты, все в одном месте

All orders go into a single database, and it doesn’t matter how the order was placed, by phone, on the website or in the app.

The customer card contains contact information, delivery addresses, number and amount of all orders, average receipt, date of birth, source where the customer heard about you and a note to the customer.

Order Acceptance

The main thing in accepting orders – speed, which we have paid special attention to:

  • Automatic creation of an order by entering a phone number
  • Fast entry of order lines
  • A well-thought-out interface, everything at your fingertips.

Integration with IP-telephony: When a call comes in, the customer’s card automatically opens, which contains all the information about the customer. The operator can greet the customer by name and suggest menu items based on past orders.

Order Management and Courier Assignment

A single dashboard for organizing all processes:

  • Manage all orders;
  • Tracking order statuses;
  • appointment and supervision of couriers.

Single-window production controls allow you to efficiently manage all delivery service processes at any load with minimal resource consumption.