"Superdelivery" is now called in a new way


Yuri Kashin - co-author of "Deliverest" and owner of the company "Sushi-Fish" will tell you about his example:


Yuri Kashin - co-author of "Deliverest" and owner of the company "Sushi-Fish" will tell you about his example:

— how to effectively manage orders, production and logistics;
— how the website, application, and set of marketing tools work - by the example of successful cases;
— how to use the financial and analytical system and monitor key business indicators and not only.

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    Mobile App,
    Thought Through

    The challenge for any modern business is
    settle in your client's phone.
    With the right approach, the application will become
    order receipt channel number one.

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    Mobile version, personal account and more
    another is ready to work. Starting your
    the new site is a matter of days!

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    All orders, all customers,
    all in one place!

    Super Delivery is the platform for
    the work of your entire business.

    Order acceptance, assignment of couriers,
    automatic creation of a personal account
    for each client.

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    Thoughtful marketing

    We didn't just make sure
    you had the best product, but also about
    it sold well

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    We are one team with you

    Our goal is to make the best service for your customers

    We don’t just offer software,
    we are solving the turnkey issue. We’re not just
    service development company, we are like-minded.

    We and our clients are one team. We burn our own
    business, it’s the business of our lives. We have a common goal –
    make an outstanding product.

    We are in continuous development, every client brings
    new ideas that become available to everyone
    delivery services, so everyone wins, as they say, win-win.

    - Dmitry Alexandrov, Director


    Each of them has its own unique success story, and being
    involved in it is our main inspiration!


    You get everything you can on our system and only pay for
    delivered orders, we are directly interested in your development
    and for our part, we provide everything necessary for success.

    from turnover
    (but not less than 10 000 ₽ per month)

    What is included in the subscription fee:

    • All features of the system
    • Dedicated server for quick operation
    • Technical support
    • Regular system updates
    System implementation

    The cost is calculated for each customer individually and depends on the scope of work.
    Standard System Integration with Basic Design and System Tailored to Your Needs
    tasks, with unique design, import of customer base, etc. – two big differences.

    Call us: +7 (383) 287-30-70 (Dmitry), we will answer your questions with undisguised pleasure
    questions and quickly orient at the price of implementation.

    For any questions